Restaurant Menus

The look of your menu goes a long way for your restaurant. We provide menu design and printing services that will keep your restaurant looking professional and customers enjoying it.

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Full color custom printed menus add style to any restaurant. The menu is one of the first things customers see. A well-designed menu conveys the atmosphere of your restaurant as well as information about your food. Menu printing lets you showcase photographs of your dishes to whet the appetites of your diners.

Whether you are looking for an affordable way to print thousands of menus to mail to your neighbors, or durable, washable plastic menu printing, La Canada Printsmith has the perfect solution.

Details on Menu Printing

  • Many choices
  • Select from standard sizes, with custom trimming option available
  • Choose folding options (not all folding options are compatible with all sizes and substrates)
  • Full color on the front (outside) with color or blank black (inside)

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